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21 November 2001

Go Portland!

18 November 2001


17 November 2001

My friend Patrick arrived today.

We’ve been drinking and listening to Jefferson Airplane since he arrived.

One pill makes you larger

And one pill makes you small

And the white knight is talking backwards

16 November 2001

Man, that is one scary image.

Mine don’t.

. . .

Today is my 7th consecutive day without a cigarette. This morning, it just doesn’t feel worthwhile.

. . .

In a restaurant in Manhattan.

. . .

12 November 2001

Why do people say “no pun intended” when they clearly intended to pun?

9 November 2001

You know who you are.

. . .

So, I got one of those US Robotics wireless audio transmitters. Don’t go there; it’s a total piece of shit. The signal is very messy, full of clicks and pops, and no amount of tuning and fiddling will improve it.

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