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26 March 2002

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Chris Blizzard is my hero so I contributed the photo above, taken in the San Francisco International Airport, to his Pride and Grief for Sale project.

24 March 2002

19 March 2002

18 March 2002

Not a good morning for the residents of Park Drive.

Here’s a badly-shot video of the efforts to extinguish the fire. This is the second blaze to sweep this building in six months. Joe told me that an arson unit was on the scene this afternoon.

Some night photos are below. Note the dormant wrecking ball resting on the flatbed.

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At the end of last week I spent a couple days working on a bugzilla-based project management system to help keep some of the teams at Ximian organized. It’s starting to come far enough along that it may soon be generally useful. I’m using it to manage our GNOME 2 team now, so you can take a look at it running a live project here.

17 March 2002

Jacob and Joe are starting to dress a lot alike:

13 March 2002

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

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This week, my family was in town.

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