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28 August 2002

It was a cruel joke God played on my friends when he made singing so much fun to do, even if you are a terrible singer.

13 August 2002

I’m at LWE this week: interviews, meetings & panels… very exhausting. But the weather has been great, and it’s been interesting to watch as people across the industry begin to understand what’s happening with the Linux desktop, at different rates and in their own ways. But, you know, I don’t talk about work so much here.

Last night we ate roasted quail. It made me feel like some kind of demented pedophile, mangling that little body and tearing the meat off with my teeth.

7 August 2002

Thanks for the nice party guys :-) .

6 August 2002

Today I’m 25. I like getting older; I’m slightly less of an idiot with each passing year. And the whole youth-idolatry oh-god-not-another-birthday thing has to be the most sure-fire way to be unhappy about the way things are progressing in your life.

1 August 2002

Busy week.

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