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I spent last weekend in Jamaica for Edward Loper‘s wedding to Jee Bang.

Edward and I were best friends starting in kindergarten, until we both went off to MIT and mysteriously fell out of contact (a mystery I won’t explain here).

Uxoriousness / maritusiousness
The wedding was beautiful. I never expected Ed to be the first of my lifelong friends to get married. He and I programmed together starting around age 7, and we even started a software company (“C-Soft”) when we were 14. I still have a dozen notebooks full of video game design notes we made together (every programmer has these somewhere).

On another note, Air Jamaica is running a scam of selling “non-stop” flights from Boston to Montego Bay, and then stopping in Philadelphia. These flights consistently arrive 2-3.5 hours late. You decide to fly Air Jamaica and pay extra for the convenience of flying nonstop, and then they make you pass through immigration and customs in Philadelphia.

An Air Jamaica employee in Montego Bay told me she couldn’t remember the last time the flight actually flew non-stop. On the way back, the Philadelphia – Boston leg was populated by 65 pissed-off passengers, arriving at 1:30am instead of 10pm like they expected.

To make matters infinitely worse for me, on the way back an angry and inattentive flight attendant dropped several rum bottles on my head out of the overhead bin, and actually gave me a concussion. It hurt like hell, but I didn’t know I was concussed until the next day, having dinner outside with Phil Schwan, I felt dizzy and every time a bird flew by I completely lost my train of thought. And I spent about half the week flying off half-cocked at people over email (sorry guys).

I don’t think I’d be quite as annoyed, but I didn’t even get an apology from this she-beast. When I yelled “FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?” she rolled her eyes and scolded me not to put my bottles in the overhead bin. “They weren’t my bottles!”

So, if anyone knows of a good personal injury lawyer, let me know. AirJamScam is gonna pay.

30 June 2005
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