Hiring tech lead to help solve major archaeological puzzle

Nat Friedman is seeking a full-time solo technical leader. You will be responsible for starting and running a crowdsourced effort to crack an archaeological puzzle of great historical significance. Success would be global news, could rewrite large chunks of history, and is guaranteed to be a story you will tell your grandchildren.

This is a full-time position for a 3-6 month period (which is about how long we think it will take to crack the puzzle, or at least to set it on a course to be solved). Pay range is $120-250k/yr. Think of this as an adventurous interlude between your more lucrative commercial gigs.

You will act as a mini CTO, making appropriate technical decisions, staying responsive, and allocating time and resources effectively. This role will require highly effective communication, the ability to make complex code understandable, the ability to write clear technical documentation, the ability to foster and grow an online community, and solid software engineering knowledge.

The ideal candidate will have experience in creating, maintaining, and contributing to open source software projects. A background in working with custom software and data pipelines for scientific research is desirable. Comfort with PyTorch, C++, and OpenCV is a big plus.

In general, we don't care about credentials, but want to see evidence that you can execute. Email bullet points of exceptional work, including links to open source projects, public SDKs, or technical documentation you have created yourself, to puzzle@nat.org.

Relevant experience you should be sure to mention: Your specific tasks will include: